Sunday, December 9, 2012

20. Make a Holdiay Wreath

Still trying to get in touch with my inner craftiness.  This wreath was relatively simple to make.  I got the idea off of a fun DIY blog.

My daughter wanted purple for the Baltimore Ravens so I went ahead with that.  Not exactly the Ravens colors but we'll go with it.  Putting the ornaments onto the hanger proved to be a pain and it seemed like it would take a lot more ornaments so I decided to cover the hanger in garland and make ornament clusters.  I don't know if I am 100% satisfied but I do think it was a good first attempt. (I still need to snip some strings and conceal the hanger)

Holiday DIY Wreath

What I used:
Christmas ornaments
Clip on flowers

  • Make a ring out the wire hanger to use as the wreath frame.
  • Wrap garland around the hanger.
  • Make clusters of ornaments by feeding a piece of string through the ornaments.
  • Secure onto hanger as desired.
If you make a wreath one little thing I noticed, rotate it a few times when you are done.  You may end up liking it better.