Sunday, December 9, 2012

20. Make a Holdiay Wreath

Still trying to get in touch with my inner craftiness.  This wreath was relatively simple to make.  I got the idea off of a fun DIY blog.

My daughter wanted purple for the Baltimore Ravens so I went ahead with that.  Not exactly the Ravens colors but we'll go with it.  Putting the ornaments onto the hanger proved to be a pain and it seemed like it would take a lot more ornaments so I decided to cover the hanger in garland and make ornament clusters.  I don't know if I am 100% satisfied but I do think it was a good first attempt. (I still need to snip some strings and conceal the hanger)

Holiday DIY Wreath

What I used:
Christmas ornaments
Clip on flowers

  • Make a ring out the wire hanger to use as the wreath frame.
  • Wrap garland around the hanger.
  • Make clusters of ornaments by feeding a piece of string through the ornaments.
  • Secure onto hanger as desired.
If you make a wreath one little thing I noticed, rotate it a few times when you are done.  You may end up liking it better.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Yep, here I am back at it.  Rusty as ever.  Happy November everyone!!!  I know it has been a while but I am hoping to have a little blogging outlet more often.  I always miss it.

Winter is about to be among us and I haven't knit a hat, scarf, gloves, anything.  I am seriously rusty.  It took me forever to cast on the 90 stitches for this hat.  Actually it took me forever to figure out what the heck I wanted to knit.  Then I realized I my circular needle was to long, so I started transferring to DPNs, until I realized I was transferring to the wrong size DPNs.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  That is why I hate taking a long hiatus from anything.  When I come back to it I feel like I am starting all over again.

November Knitting...Slouched Tuva Hat

The pattern says it is a pretty quick knit.  Once I get going I should be good. Hopefully.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


So here is the deal.  I have had a relaxer in my hair for as long as I can remember.  When I was pregnant I stopped getting them for a little while but there is only one other time I made a conscious decision to stop. That lasted 8 montsh.   Well now this is the 2nd time.  There is no particular reason other than to see what my hair is like.  And I hate going to the hair dresser.

Yesterday I stopped by the dollar store to pick up some ELF shadow brushes but they didn't have any.  Instead I ended up looking at the hair accessories to see what I can use during this "transition".  They actually had some cute items.  I picked up a few.  We'll see.  Look forward to some hair posts from me.   I may need to vent every now and then!!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Bound

Yaaaaayyyyyy..... I get to go to the beach.  If only for the weekend I get some time to spend with my girls as this week has been quite hectic.  Well this is my wonderful pic on the bridge.   Bridges, what a love-hate relationship I have with them.  One day I am fine and the next day they terrify me.

Bay Bridge

Monday, July 23, 2012

Between 13 & 14

So #13 and #14 goal was to run a 5K and a 10K.  What about an 8K?  I am going to consider the 5K checked off because even though it wasn't technically a 5K it was more than a 5K so the the 5K is covered. Right?  Right.

This was the first time I have ever done one of these.  Here was my chance to get off my butt and just do it.  I had a blast.  It was a very rainy morning so I was going to bail but I waited until the nth hour to see what the weather was going to do.  It was misty but turned out to be perfectly fine.

A before pic and an after pic.

8K!!!! - Before
8K- After


This was a good lesson for me about focusing on what you can do instead of what you can't.  What mattered to me was I went out there and I did it.  It wasn't about the time it was about doing it and finishing it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

For the Love of Chevron

Where have you been all my life.  I must be going through a phase but I saw some Chevron walls and floors on Pinterest and I need something chevron in my life.  Like NOW!!!  I am seriously trying to get my daughter to do a chevron wall in her room.

Look at this awesomeness I found on Pinterest.

And this

Source: via ACME on Pinterest

And this wall.

And this too!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keep It Simple

Some good old asprin and baking soda to wash my face.  Great exfoliation action.  What I also like is my skin does not feel stripped or dry after using.  I'll give this a try for a few weeks and see how it goes.  I am about a week in and so far so good.

And as you can see I am 'el cheapo' and just grabbed the store brand stuff.  If someone can give me good reason to by brand for either of these products I am curious to hear why.

Keep It Simple

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old School TV Shows

They just don't make shows like they used to.  All I know is these days we are lucky if a show makes it a season or two.  Back in the day shows would last a long time.  

Do you remember any of these:

Three's Company
Matt Houston
The A-Team
Different Strokes
What's Happenin
Good Times
The Facts of Life
Mr. Belvedere
Saved by the Bell

I loved all of those shows.  I may have to see what is on Netflix.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July Reading

My July reading list consists of 3 books:

The Bible (1 year plan)
My 70-640 cert book (should have been done with this a LONG time ago)
Fierce Conversations (starting it over)

What books are you reading this month?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Treats

Every now and then I get in the spirit and do something fun for the 4th.  This year my girls and I made some Jello Jigglers in the beloved red, white, and blue.

Fourth of July Treats

I found the recipe through Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I am addicted to it.  Seriously so many ideas being shared and it is pretty darn awesome.  It was nice to sit around and relax and do something fun and stress free.  We messed up a little but who cares.  How bad can you really mess up with Jello!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Little Sewing and Unsewing

Probably one of the easiest shirts to make ever and you know who managed to mess up.  Not horribly but it is always a pain to unpick the thread.  Now that it is unpicked and corrected I will pick back up sometime this week.  I am rusty.  It took me forever to do the little I did.  It's fine because it was a start.  Hopefully I will be done by weeks end.  Going for 15 min a day.  That should be enough to narrow hem the armholes (which I hate) and add the waistband.

A few pics:

New Look 6648
the pattern and fabric
New Look 6648
3 pieces!!! Yay!!
New Look 6648
narrow hems ugh
New Look 6648
can you see the oops

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0- New Toy!!!

I have been on the tablet market forever now.  Forever because I am quite indecisive and there is always something newer coming out.  I finally decided to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.  I'll consider this my "entry-level-let-me-see-how-I-like-tablets" tablet.  I wanted something small and relatively inexpensive so it was between the Kindle Fire and the Galaxy Tab.

(my boring homescreen,
xda-developers here I come)

I went with the Samsung for several reasons.   First, because it is a completely open Android based tablet.  The Kindle is Android however is "locked down" so to speak. It limits you to the Amazon app offerings.  Additionally, the Samsung has front and rear facing cameras.  Both tablets are 8 GB however a nice feature of the Samsung is the the ability to expand you storage with a microSD card.  You will need it because even though it is advertised as 8 GB when you get the tablet before installing anything Samsung has taken up a little over 3 GB.  When I saw ~4 GB of storage available that was a major turn off.  How are you going to advertise this as 8 GB when almost 50% is already full!!  Once I got past that I started downloading all the apps I use and started pounding this thing to see if I liked it enough to keep.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
(nice size, no problem with one hand,
excuse the fingerprints)
At first I knew this thing was going back.  It seemed unresponsive and sluggish and this was only a few days in.  After restarting it I haven't experienced anymore of that so I don't know what was going on.  I have beat it up downloading apps, taking pictures, draining the battery, using email, amd doing most of what I do on my laptop and I love it now.  Absolutely love it.  It's a keeper!!!  I think I just had to bond with my new toy.

What I like:
Size- can throw it in my purse and not take up to much space
Android based- tons of free apps
Front and rear facing cameras- skype
Expandable storage- you'll need it
Bluetooth/GPS/IR (it can be a remote control!!)
Decent Price
Battery like seems fine for my use

What I don't like:
8 GB that is really more like 4 GB and some change
Keyboard- I keep hitting the caps lock key.  I can get a new keyboard though
Short charging cable

Of course now the Google Nexus is about to come out!!!!!  I can't keep up,  Technology moves so fast.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Need To Make Something

I am dying to sit down at the sewing machine.  Seriously I looked through my patterns today and think I have one two that I am going to give a go.  It has been ages since I have sewed anything.  I have 2 UFOs sitting in bins that I think I am just going to toss and start fresh.

View D of this  New Look pattern has 3 pieces . Three!!!!  And to top it off I think there are only like 6 steps.  I think I can do this.  I may even cut the pattern pieces out tonight.  Stay tuned.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bello Machre Every Step Counts

We got to be cheerleaders for the day!!!  Bello Machre held an awesome Bike-A-Thon/Walk-A-Thon on June 9th to raise money.  An wonderful group of people helping people with developmental disabilities.  My daughters and I got to cheer people on as they walked and rode by.  A lot of high fives, thank yous, and good jobs.  It was nice to be out doing volunteer work and I was really proud of my girls for waking up so early and getting out there with me.  We had a great time.  There was lots of food, music, games, a moon bounce AND a rock climbing wall.

Yep there's me on the wall.  My arms gave out part way up so I didn't get the top.  It was fun just to try it again though.  I used to be in much better shape :-(  I guess I need to work on that.

Bello Machre Every Step Counts 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Music Motivation

A little something to get back in workout mode.  Now I have to get an awesome playlist together. Any suggestions?

iPod Nano

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Read It: The Traveler's Gift

The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews was recommended to me by my supervisor.  It is a very easy read however the message is quite powerful.  The main character is introduced to several characters from the past each with a very important lesson about the future.  Each lesson is considered to be one of the decisions you need to make in order to be successful.  I can honestly say not a a day has gone by that I haven't recited one of the lessons to myself.  If you need some motivation this book will do it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anybody Out There?

Yes, it has been ages and since it is the first of the month for some reason I always revisit my blog.  This time I am actually posting something.  I have done a few things on the 101 in 1001 but need to update the list.  Not a lot but in looking at the list I have realized how much my interests shift and I have outgrown the desire to do some of the things. I am also fine with that.  So what have you all been up too?  That is of course if anyone is still out there.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeking Balance

24 hours in a day. So much to do yet seemingly so little time. It is quite a juggling act as of late yet I am still in search of that beautiful balance. Time to learn something, time to teach something, time to cook, time to eat, time to clean, time to do absolutely nothing, time to sleep and time to do the other 10 million other things. I am happy to say I am slowly achieving the balance I am seeking. I don't consider it something that will happen overnight but I am on the right track.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fit Test 3

I have made it to the 3rd fit test for Insanity!!! Here are my results. Month 2 has officially begun and all I can say is OMG. Please wish me luck.

Fit Test Day 1 Day 15 Day 36
Date 1/2/12 1/16/12 2/5/2012
Switch Kicks 94 108 106
Power Jacks 52 63 65
Power Knees 80 105 112
Power Jumps 23 31 41
Globe Jumps 5 8 9
Suicide Jumps 13 14 20
Push-up Jacks 15 26 29
Low Plank Oblique 32 47 56

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wet N Wild Sparked

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love glittery polishes but rarely wear it because of work. But now it is the freakin' weekend so my nails are getting some glittery love.

Once the first coat went on I was a little scared it was going to take forever to get a nice glitter packed coat. User error. I just wasn't dispersing what was on my brush properly. You can see my pinky and ring fing don't have to much glitter but after angling the brush better things seemed hopeful.

Wet N Wild Sparked-1Coat

By the second coat I was convinced to press on. Looking good right?

Wet N Wild Sparked-2Coat

Third coat is a charm and the good thing is this dries pretty fast so I wasn't waiting to long between coats.

Wet N Wild Sparked-3Coat

I'd say this took about 20 minutes from start to finish but mind you I typed this blog post during that time as well. Mulit-tasking at its finest.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kleancolor Meet NK

Yes, it is another purple polish. Yes, it is another way to show my support for the Ravens. This is 2 coats of Kleancolor Purple (no points for name originality) with a layer of NK Sparkling Gold (no naming points for NK either).

Kleancolor Purple and NK Sparkling Gold

This Kleancolor polish took forever to dry but I was in no hurry. Once I put 1 layer of the NK Sparkling Gold on I knew I was done. This was headed for a sticky, goopy mess. I only need to leave it on for football Sunday and I doubt it will last to much longer.

Have fun watching football tomorrow!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fit Test 2

I am still going strong with INSANITY. Today was my 2nd Fit Test. I am pleased to see my work is paying off.

Fit Test 1 and 2

I think I have another one 2 weeks from now so I really have to continue to push myself.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hat Attack!!

Who doesn't love a cute hat. I picked this one up a few days after Christmas and it is on my shelf waiting to be worn.


Now I just have to figure out what I want to wear it with :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NYC Prince Street

Whoa... a nail polish post.. get outta here!!! Yes, it has been quite some time and my nails have been naked for the most part. It has been long over due so I am just doing a simple mani to say:


NYC Prince Street

This 2 coats of NYC Prince Street without a top coat.

I feel happy having my nails painted. For $1.72 this is probably one of the cheapest ways around for a quick mood booster. Hopefully, I will be back soon with another color. There are a lot of unused polishes in my stash.