Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Little Sewing and Unsewing

Probably one of the easiest shirts to make ever and you know who managed to mess up.  Not horribly but it is always a pain to unpick the thread.  Now that it is unpicked and corrected I will pick back up sometime this week.  I am rusty.  It took me forever to do the little I did.  It's fine because it was a start.  Hopefully I will be done by weeks end.  Going for 15 min a day.  That should be enough to narrow hem the armholes (which I hate) and add the waistband.

A few pics:

New Look 6648
the pattern and fabric
New Look 6648
3 pieces!!! Yay!!
New Look 6648
narrow hems ugh
New Look 6648
can you see the oops

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