Friday, June 23, 2017

Zentangle What?

The postman dropped off the fall non-credit schedule of classes for the local community college a few days ago.  Now that I am an emptynester I have been seriously considering some personal enrichment courses because guess what, I actually have some time on my hands.  There are so many different courses to take and I put stars by quite a few of them that sounded interesting.  One in particular caught my eye as I perused the drawing section.  

As a quick tangent let me explain why I typically skip the drawing section.  Well it is because I suck at drawing and consider myself the most artistically uncreative person in the world.  In my former mindset (thanks to a discussion with my coworker) I always had the perception that drawing classes were for those who could already draw, and were super artsy, AND creative, AND could pick up their tool of choice and create an immediate masterpiece.  Flawed thinking.  They have the classes so you can learn. They teach you techniques and how to see things and how to do things and drawing-y stuff.  Duh!!!  These geniuses even have intro level class for people like me.  My flawed thought process has been corrected and the drawing section looks like some pretty cool stuff.

Back to the course catalog.  I saw a class called Introduction to Zentangle.  What in the world?  What intrigued me first was I had never even heard this word in my life.  Then the description talked about inspiring creativity and developing mindfulness.  Me-oooh-oooh-me-me-please-me!!  Sounds like a perfect basic start.  Me being me I googled it and yes I am going to give it a try.  Doodling!!  I am going to learn how to doodle.  Probably the most basic start EVER!!

The class isn't until Oct 2 so I may do some YouTubing and give it a shot before that.  But I can at least say I am excited to try something completely different in an area that I have never explored before.

 Yay me!!  I am learning that I don't have to be an expert at everything.  I am learning that just trying something new counts for something.  Excited.

EDIT:  3 hours later and I just checked 2 books out of the library and am probably going to order some supplies.  


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