Monday, April 10, 2017

$50 of Hair Products

Always more hair stuff to buy.  I am not a product junkie however I go through ebbs and flows with my hair care regimen.  This is terrible because it has led to inconsistent results.  Recently I was talking to another natural lamenting about how I haven't found my holy grail products.  She recommended trying a whole product line a time since the products are made to work together.  Makes sense.

My first product line in this experiment is As I Am.  I had used the Double Butter previously and liked it so I figured let's start there.

4 products.. FOUR  came to $49 and change.  Tears, but its an investment.

Here is my haul:
Twist Defining Cream
DoubleButter Cream
Leave-In Conditioner
Coconut Co-wash


1 month later I an thrilled there is a good amount of product left in each of these. 

image image
image image

The jury is still out on these.  While I am not disappointed I am also not jumping for joy that I have used these.  I am going to give it a little more time before I make a final judgement on any of these.

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