Saturday, November 20, 2010

Devoured- Cheesburger Meatloaf

Another meal my daughters liked.  Liked as in there was nothing left.  I love when that happens.  Since declaring my cooking struggles I signed up at to get a daily email.  I would peruse the site to get ideas but the daily email helps a lot because there are lots of things I am sure I would miss.  That is how I found the recipe for this Cheeseburger Meatloaf.

I didn't take a picture because I didn't even think to but it didn't look like the picture on the website.  Somewhere along the way I didn't seal the cheese in and it started leaking out a little hole in the side. Oh, well.  All was not lost, just some cheese which I had extra of.  I broke my Fat Smash Diet and tasted it.  Very tasty.  It is nice when you surprise yourself.

Here is the link in case you want to try it.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eggnog Fudge- Who Knew?

Whoa!!! What!!  While I was reading a blog today I came across a link to this recipe for Eggnog Fudge.  I just have to share and encourage people to make this.  The goodness of eggnog and fudge rolled up into one.  Mouth watering.  Sorry no pictures, plenty on the orginal site.

I am definitly going to try making this in the very near future.

Wet N Wild Through The Grapevine

The unused polishes are finally surfacing.  I am trying to paint my nails only with colors I have never used before.  Since I don't have them separated it always takes me a while to figure out what is unsed and then from those which one I want to use.  There should only be about 10-15 unused polishes if that so hopefully it won't take forever to work through them.

Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine is pretty, pretty, pretty.  I am kind of upset it took me so long to use it.  The camera and color are not friends, as much as I tried, they refused.  I have taken at least 60 pictures and none of them look quite right as far as the color.  I think this is the best representation of the color though.  It is a tad darker.  

Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine

Pictured is 3 coats but two coats is fine.  If you are like me and have throw on one more for good measure then go for it. I don't have a top coat on in this pic.  I should really put one on so it will last longer.  Do you ALWAYS wear a top coat?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Claire's Under the Sea

Claire's Under the Sea has been in my stash for quite some time.  In the bottle it appears more green-blue but on the nail my eye picks up more blue than green (it all depends on the light I guess).  This polish goes on easy and is opaque enough for one coat.  There is a big IF though.  That being, it takes forever to dry which pretty much makes the fact that it is a one coater pointless.  Here are 2 coats with no clean up because I am sure they are probably still wet here.

Claire's Under the Sea

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ooooh Puurrrrty

Looking at makeup and beauty products in magazines, I love it.  Everything about how they lay it out to entice you to want it.  It doesn't take much, as soon as I thumbed through the Sephora catalog I saw this and my eyes popped out!!

Sephora Minis

I wish they weren't minis though!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

100 Pushups Revisited

So many excuses for why I haven't be working out lately (last 4 months) but I won't even bother because they are just that, excuses.  Instead I am going to try and get my butt in motion by doing the 100 Push Up Challenge again.  Yes, again.  I have done it several times even though I have never made it all the way through the program.  Maybe this will be the time.

This morning I did my initial test and I was able to do 12 pushups.  Looking back that is the same amount I did on my initial test last year.  Don't laugh.  Hopefully muscle memory will kick in and it won't be too hard to double or triple that number.  I have got to start somewhere.

For more information take a look at the program website.  They also have a squats, situps, and pullups program. Would it be to much to do all three?  I think not.  I'll have a go at the squats tomorrow.

Anyone want to join me? 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sinful Colors Innocent Konad-ing With M60

I am trying to get my nail polishing back on track.  The last time I did a Konad was...ummm...oh my...back in August.  That doesn't seem right but the pictures and dates don't lie.  But that is the past let's talk about the present.

I love argyle and I have done this print before with different colors but argyle is what I was in the mood for so here you have it:

Sinful Colors Innocent- base
Zoya Veruschka- argyle print
Konad Plate - M60
Sinful Colors Innocen Konad 11-3-10

You can see where the stamping didn't quite make it in some areas but overall I am pleased.  Who really ever gets all that close to my nails anyway.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Is More Fun To Give

Yesterday schools were closed and my Mom came over to do a community service project with my kids.  The objective is to fill a shoebox with goodies for an underpriviliged child.  My youngest daughter and mom went to the dollar store to pick up some fun things.  I knew that we had some things around the house as well so I decided to get involved in that action.  The amount of joy I got finding brand new, nice things that someone else would appreciate was amazing.  You really get into it.

Charity Gift Boxes 11-2-10

They made three boxes and I was so excited to contribute to some of them.  We had some clothes with tags still on them that were for an older child.  A few little girls purses with tags still on.  A  new shirt and skirt, a MAC cosmetic case, some Incoco nail polish adhesives (liquids weren't allowed), a ring, 2 pairs of earrings, candy, and some other personal items.  Woo hoo.  These are things that I would have kept but goodness if haven't used them by now I think they deserve a better home.

It is so fun to give and the girls really enjoyed it too. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sinful Colors Innocent

Sinful Colors Innocent is one of those colors I had to try.  It just looked so odd to me and not like something you would wear on your nails.  I am still trying to figure out whether I like it or not.  All day I find myself glancing at my nails trying to decide if I like it and how to Konad it.  I like polishes that throw me for a loop.

Sinful Colors Innocent

Lately I have been particulary hard on my nails and hands all together. As if you can't tell from the nubbins and dry hands. Lots of cleaning and a bit of stress is no good for my hands and nails. I know I should wear rubber gloves but always forget. Bear with me as I try to get them back on track.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Charla Never Disappoints

Zoya Charla made an appearance for my daughter's Homecoming dance. She was mucho excited and wanted some sparkle with a pop of color to go with her outfit. All of the girls looked so pretty. I say girls but I should probably be saying young women.

Alani'sHomecoming 2010

She spent the night at her friends house but when I picked her up her first words were, "I had so much fun!"

All I could ask for.