Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sinful Colors Innocent Konad-ing With M60

I am trying to get my nail polishing back on track.  The last time I did a Konad was...ummm...oh my...back in August.  That doesn't seem right but the pictures and dates don't lie.  But that is the past let's talk about the present.

I love argyle and I have done this print before with different colors but argyle is what I was in the mood for so here you have it:

Sinful Colors Innocent- base
Zoya Veruschka- argyle print
Konad Plate - M60
Sinful Colors Innocen Konad 11-3-10

You can see where the stamping didn't quite make it in some areas but overall I am pleased.  Who really ever gets all that close to my nails anyway.

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