Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter Knitter

Yes another winter is upon us which means the knitting needles are out.  Actually, I wanted to teach myself to crochet so I have done a couple of crochet projects as well.

So far I have completed:

2 Pavement Scarves (crochet)- pattern link
The brown one is my first attempt at crocheting.  I was very please with the turnout and decided to make another for a gift.

image image

Works in Progress:

Ten Stitch Blanket
Easy knit but this will take forever.  I needed so instant gratification hence the chunky quick scarves above.


Entrelac Scarf
I think I have mentioned that I am the slowest knitter ever.  This scarf is taking me forever.  About an hour for each row and I am only halfway done... deep sigh.