Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0- New Toy!!!

I have been on the tablet market forever now.  Forever because I am quite indecisive and there is always something newer coming out.  I finally decided to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.  I'll consider this my "entry-level-let-me-see-how-I-like-tablets" tablet.  I wanted something small and relatively inexpensive so it was between the Kindle Fire and the Galaxy Tab.

(my boring homescreen,
xda-developers here I come)

I went with the Samsung for several reasons.   First, because it is a completely open Android based tablet.  The Kindle is Android however is "locked down" so to speak. It limits you to the Amazon app offerings.  Additionally, the Samsung has front and rear facing cameras.  Both tablets are 8 GB however a nice feature of the Samsung is the the ability to expand you storage with a microSD card.  You will need it because even though it is advertised as 8 GB when you get the tablet before installing anything Samsung has taken up a little over 3 GB.  When I saw ~4 GB of storage available that was a major turn off.  How are you going to advertise this as 8 GB when almost 50% is already full!!  Once I got past that I started downloading all the apps I use and started pounding this thing to see if I liked it enough to keep.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
(nice size, no problem with one hand,
excuse the fingerprints)
At first I knew this thing was going back.  It seemed unresponsive and sluggish and this was only a few days in.  After restarting it I haven't experienced anymore of that so I don't know what was going on.  I have beat it up downloading apps, taking pictures, draining the battery, using email, amd doing most of what I do on my laptop and I love it now.  Absolutely love it.  It's a keeper!!!  I think I just had to bond with my new toy.

What I like:
Size- can throw it in my purse and not take up to much space
Android based- tons of free apps
Front and rear facing cameras- skype
Expandable storage- you'll need it
Bluetooth/GPS/IR (it can be a remote control!!)
Decent Price
Battery like seems fine for my use

What I don't like:
8 GB that is really more like 4 GB and some change
Keyboard- I keep hitting the caps lock key.  I can get a new keyboard though
Short charging cable

Of course now the Google Nexus is about to come out!!!!!  I can't keep up,  Technology moves so fast.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your tablet. I have the older version and its still going strong 2 years later.