Sunday, January 11, 2015

Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

Admittedly I am very bored with food.  Yes, yes, I know food is not here to entertain and please me but to serve as a source of energy and nutrients for my body to function.  The problem is I get bored eating healthy because I don't have a variety of healthy recipes in my arsenal.  Armed with a ton of kale in my refrigerator I was determined to do something different.  I did hear mention of Kale Chips a while ago so I was up to the challenge.  A quick Pinterest search yielded options galore but who doesn't love Salt & Vinegar potato chips.  Salt, vinegar, olive oil and kale.  Easy peasy!!!


So get your ingredients mix them up to you liking put it on the pan and bake.  This is really something that is a purely to your liking type deal.  Experiment to find what you like.  Flavor, crispness, type of kale, etc.  It was fun having my girls come taste and give the "not-quite-thumbs-up-but- let's-tweak-this" approval.  If that is really and approval.  They helped and we determined a bit more vinegar and more salt would be fine.  These shrivel up quite a bit as you can so so pack as much as you can on your baking sheet but make sure it is still only one layer.

We even burned a batch causing the smoke detector to go off so keep a close eye and check often.  One minute does make a difference in hearing your smoke detector go off.  This is going to definitely be made again!!!  Probably a lot.

I can't wait to try with Old Bay, Curry, Chile and Lime.  So many options.

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