Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July Mani- I Did Do One

Hey everyone, I am still polishing my nails just not as frequently. This is a quick shot on the mani I did for the 4th of July.

Fourth of July Mani

The red polish is Seche Zodiac in Scorpio. The white is this old, old Sally Hansen French Nail polish that works great for stamping. I had probably left the cap off at some point. It is nice and goopy. There is a coat of Finger Paints Floatin' On A Cloud on top for a bit of glitter goodness.

Anyhow, my attention has been quite divided lately so polishing my nails once a week will probably be the norm. With my kids out of school we have been just hanging out, playing games, having girl talks and enjoying each other. My oldest has taken up sewing and I have been enjoying it with her. It is quite addictive as well. Looking for fabrics, patterns, notions, etc. My youngest who is ready to go back to school has been crying bored all the time. If a World Cup game isn't on she is moping around. I have given her a list of a million things to do but none of them will satisfy her boredom. In an effort to have her occupied I offered to do her nails so we will be doing that tonight.

I am about 400 blog posts behind so if I haven't commented in a while sorry. I haven't forgotten you and I will read your posts.

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