Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mrs. Fix It

I am the handyman in my household.  If it is broken and can be taken apart then that would be my job to get it fixed.  Unless it is something really expensive I don't want to be blamed for breaking even more I will typically try to fix it myself.

Well what do we have here? Any thoughts on what this is before I tell you?

Steamer Repair 101

Give up? It is a garment steamer, flipped upside down awaiting surgery. I had used it for about 2 minutes and then lots of cloudy dripping water then nothing at all. Mineral buildup was the culprit per the troubleshooting guide and the resolution was to run a water-vinegar solution through it.  That's no fun so I  opted for the learn-something-new-everyday approach.  

There was a ton of sand-like buildup  that was clogging the tubing and the heating well impeding proper water flow through the unit.  Water and vinegar was not  going to fix that amount of deposit.  With lots of meticulous unscrewing of this and that I was able to flush the buildup from the tubing.  Trust me, it was far easier said than done.  In the end there was water everywhere but mission accomplished.  Needless to say this wasn't the best project for my hands and nails.  Lots of chips, scratches, and a few almost burns.

At times I really think I should have been some type of repair person.  I really enjoy taking things apart.  It is even better when I can actually fix it and get it put back together.

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