Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Really Bugs Me


I have no idea what the scientific name of these things are but there has been an insane influx of them this summer.  The kids call them “stinkbugs” but thank goodness I haven’t had to be the beneficiary of the odor they emit.  Apparently when they feel threatened or are smashed they release something that is quite offensive.  This was demonstrated by one of the soccer dads shaking one up in hands and telling us to “smell my fingers”.  Umm, no and  thanks.  After a few jokes he even showed a trail of “stink” that the critter left.  YUCK.

They are everywhere.  Hanging out by my front door.  Diving toward me when I am entering and exiting my car.  Don’t be caught standing still.  It is almost like they are out to get me.  I hate bugs.  I have said it before and yes, here, I have posted about my weapons of choice when trying annihilate these suckers from afar.  I did find out that the ant spray works pretty well.  It isn’t an immediate death.  It is slow and torturous which I feel they deserve for all of the fear they inflict upon me.

Oh and then there is this thing on my back screen door.Bugs 005

Can I scream now?


  1. AHHHH *flails* I hate bugs!!!! That thing on your back door looks like a praying mantis...they're so big and nasty!!!
    Sometimes, in DC, we get this disgusting swarm of cicadas. They cover everything and they scream their horrible scream at all hours. And then they all die and their corpses have to be cleaned up. ugh.

    The only good bugs are ladybugs and butterflies. All the others must die. *shudders*

  2. I know all to well about those cicaidas as I grew up in the DMV. They are horrible. Of course one of the summers we had them the AC in my car broke. I used to drive 1 hour home in sweltering heat with the windows up because those things would fly right at you. I am petrified of those things.