Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pru + Bryant Park

Nail polish. What!! A nail polish post from me. Yes, it has been ages. My nails were not so healthy and I wanted to get them back on track hence limited use of polish. You have seen Zoya Pru before on here so I am just going to show you what I did when I was supposed to be doing something else!!

Zoya Pru


Zoya Pru w/ NYC Bryant Park Dots

I had already painted my nails on Sunday with the Zoya Pru but as I was sitting at my desk, no doubt procrastinating, a bottle of NYC Bryant Park and a bobby pin caught my eye. Hmmmm. Having no idea how these colors would look together I just went ahead. Not horrible. The bobby pin as a dotting tool was so-so but I will say it was actually better than the dotting tool I have which was made to be a dotting tool. Funny how that works. I’ll be taking this off in the AM though since I’m really not feeling it.



  1. I know it has been sooooo long. When I get busy my nails are the last thing on the to do list. I have missed it but I was able to grow some discoloration out and they seem stronger now.