Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February

Are you wondering where January went? Me too. I will have to say the start of the year has been pretty good. I started the 101 in 1001 which really makes you aware of how you are spending your time. I would love to spending my time relaxing on a boat on a beautiful day in Bermuda but that isn't happening. Not this month at least.

So let's see what is actually on tap for February.

- Get back on the treadmill. The first 2 weeks of January went great. The last 2, well, let's not talk about them.

-Start Fat Smash again. I have mentioned it before but I really do think the Fat Smash program works well. You have to be committed but in that first week you can feel your body changing and getting all the nasty evil sugars out of it.

-Make a couple of shirts perhaps.

-I have already started my Bible reading. As always a little behind and hoping to catch up this first week of February.

-Tackle 1 or 2 new recipes.

-I have GOT to finish knitting this sweater for my daughter. It has taken forever. It isn't hard it is just hard to knit sometimes when you don't really feel like it.

-I have a blood donation scheduled.

-Start painting my nails again. Maybe once a week or every other week. I have laid off the nail polish for a bit because I noticed they were not growing as long and strong as they used to.

-Limit the amount of time I spend reading blogs. They are addictive. I love seeing what other people are making and doing but that can really cut into my making and doing time. Maybe only read midweek and weekends. IDK.

-Ah, The Great Office Cleanout that never happened. I need to devise a gameplan for this. Seriously, we have that much paper and filing.

-Start studying for my IT certification. I have been reading general content but not a test specific study guide so I think I need to switch gears once I finish this book and start looking at books geared towards the tests in addition to the general reading.

Okay, I am stopping here...this list is starting to overwhelm me. It may not all get DONE in February but at least I have some concrete items to focus on.

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