Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, Snow Angels, Snowman = FUN

The blizzard season is upon us once again which means no happy campers here. Cold, messy, crazy roads. Kids out of school and driving each other crazy. Cabin fever. Sounds fun!!! Okay, I am making this sound terrible when it only started last night. We woke up to no school and roads coverd in snow. I still had to work but that really consisted of studying. Reading 190 pages of IT material isn't the worst thing but in order to give my mind a break I suggested to my youngest (DD#2) that we tackle the driveway. She was game so off we went.

Really I wanted to make my snow angel, #80 on my Day Zero- 101 in 1001. Yes, that is me being crazy in the snow!! The snow should have been deeper but tomorrow it will be. I'll go out tomorrow and do it again. Darn :-)

Snow Angel

The interest in shoveling was diverted pretty quickly into making a snowman. FUN!!! She made the initial ball and we rolled it back and forth across the driveway to at least make it look like we were getting some snow out of the way.

Snow Fun 1-26-2011

It was perfect snowball snow. So fun, but my oldest (DD#1) was missing out on the action so we told her to get something on and come out. Seriously. This ball of snow grew fast and that thing was heavy. We got it out of the driveway and rolled it all through the yard. Our neighbor even came out to help AND my husband got in on the action.

Snow Fun 1-26-2011Snow Fun 1-26-2011
It started hailing while we were out there but everyone was determinied to finish the snowman with whatever we could find quickly. Scarf, sticks, carrot, banana peel, and racquetball balls. Resourceful!!

Snow Fun 1-26-2011

It is the little things that turn into the best memories. I think my kids and I will remember this for a long time. I know I will.

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