Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do You DIY?

Any DIYers out there? Of course there are. Hopefully in 2011 I will rely more on my DIY spirit than just buying what is available. With my recent venture into sewing and knitting I think I am finding my inner craftiness and am wanting to go the DIY route more often.

The next major project I am undertaking is redoing my daughter's bedroom. Yikes. We were brainstorming last night and came up with a few ideas.

1. Take the doors off of her closet and use curtains instead.- By doing this we don't have to worry about what her closet doors will be hitting when she swings them open. Plus by picking the right fabric she will have the exact look she wants. I love looking at fun fabrics


2. Vanity and desk.- Yes the little diva wants a vanity for all of her makeup and stuff. She needs a desk too so we are thinking of just doing a long table/counter type thing that one portion can be her vanity and the other her desk with some type of shelving in between.

Love this that I found at Kobbleit.com:

desk(Photo Source: Kobbleit.com)

And this with so many options and so much potential to customize:


(Photo Source: Instructables.com)

So there you have it. It looks like I want to become a master carpenter in 2011. Power tools, safety goggles and all. Looks like fun!!!

What is your DIY obsession?

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  1. I recently "converted" a closet into a home office of sorts. I ended up lucking out and my desk and a shelf I already owned fit perfectly. Taking down the doors was actually easier than I thought and it was easy to hang a curtain using a (thinner) tension rod. The rod is hidden behind where the door used to hang and particularly since I live in a rental it will be easy to go back to the door when the time comes. Good luck with the project!