Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ouch #86

I am actually about to paint my nails. Somethng you have seen before (Sally Hansen Gunmetal) but I thought that while waiting for my base coat to dry I would take a look at my 101 in 1001 and see if there was anything I could knock off my list.

March 1st. Great day to start one of the monthly tasks. Pushups how I love thee, how I hate thee. Try doing pushups after doing no type of arm exercise for the last few months. We'll see how this month of at least 10 pushups a day goes. The first 10 were agonizing but I did all 10 and realized how much room I have for progress.

If I do this every day for a month and get better my arms may actually look decent for the summertime!!!

1 comment:

  1. You can do it! I've been thinking of starting those up again too. My back is not happy with my posture lately, and pushups always help me with keeping my shoulders back instead of rounded.