Monday, July 1, 2013

July Crafty Project- Butterick B5450

I like the idea of being able to craft my own garments yet every time I sit down to do it I get pulled away, messed up, fed up or something else.  Clean slate for July.  I am giving myself 1 month to do this Butterick B5450 shirt (View A) which is deemed a Fast & Easy pattern. To me this means an experienced sewist could whip this up in 1-2 hours.  Then there is me.  The not so experienced sewist. Me who is scared to mess up so every little thing is analyzed again and again and again.  One month.  One month I am giving myself for this.  No pressure right.

July Sewing B5450
Here is the game plan for the week.  Itty, bitty, teensy, tiny baby steps.

Day 1- Pick the project.- DONE
Day 2- Decide on fabric.
Day 3- Prep fabric- wash/dry
Day 4- Prep fabric- iron
Day 5- Cut pattern out
Day 6- Pin pattern to fabric
Day 7- Cut fabric

Somewhere between day 1 and 7 I need to check and see if I have a zipper and if not get one. While writing this I changed my mind on the fabric or at least I'm not 100% sure on the one I selected.  We'll see.  That will be decided tomorrow!!

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