Friday, July 5, 2013

Paleo Pancakes- The Attempt, Fail, and Recovery

I have been desperately trying to eat Paleo and this is one of the quickest recipes I saw.  Paleo Pancakes with a whopping to ingredients, a banana and an egg. Mush it, mix it, smash it up in a bowl and put on the griddle.  Not to difficult right.  I used egg whites since we rarely have whole eggs and the ones in the refrigerator had expired.  Finding the right tool to mush and mix the banana was interesting.  What proved most successful was the thing we use for the juicer to push the fruit down the chute.

Paleo Pancakes 1

Once it was all mixed up off to the griddle it went.  FAIL!!!  It did absolutely nothing but stick to the griddle which was coated lightly with olive oil.  I wonder if using a whole egg would have made a difference here.  It was a mess.

Paleo Pancakes 2

All hope was not out the window.  After a moment of thought I got out my trusty microwave omelette maker and that was the ticket.  Once they were done back on the griddle to brown.

Paleo Pancake 3

YUMMY... banana is such a potent flavor.  Of course the consistency is not that of your traditional pancake but they were a win in my book.  A second attempt is well deserved to see what happens when using a whole egg.  I just need more bananas.

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