Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bye Bye Dairy Queen!

If I order an Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen the is it wrong of me to expect...hmmm...let's see, some Oreos in it.  What is going on DQ.  I remember the days of ordering an Oreo Blizzard and barely being able to see the vanilla ice cream because there were so many pieces of Oreo in it.  I know times are tough for everyone but if I am going to for over my $$ for an Oreo Blizzard then serve up the Oreos.  

What I got today was so bad I just had to say something.  He handed me what looked more like a cup of blended vanilla ice cream with one Oreo blended through out.  I asked him what was going and told him it seemed like they aren't putting any Oreos in.  He said that when the Oreo bits are really small you can't see them.  Well if it tastes like vanilla ice cream and you are calling it an Oreo Blizzard then there is a problem.  I just remember how they used to be.  He did offer some extra Oreos for me to put in myself but goodness for $4.20 don't you think it should have been an actual Oreo Blizzard to begin with.

I think Dairy Queen has lost a customer.  More often than not I come away disappointed.  My money is better spent elsewhere

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  1. I'm blaming you for the bowl of ice cream I'm about to go eat!