Friday, March 12, 2010

Cosmic Plum

If you know anything about me I LOVE duochrome polishes. This won't be the last time I say that (it surely isn't the first). They amaze me and distract me. All I want to do is stare at my nails and move my hands around to capture all of the glorious colors it has to offer. This polish brought my blogging to a grinding halt (I am blaming the polish!). To capture colors of polish correctly is a feat in its own right but then when you have a duochrome to get all of the colors it emits is a freakin' 200 shot task. So I took the pictures and didn't feel like going through all of them so I just didn't. But now I am in full effect and ready to decide what pictures to show you (don't you love how I care if you like my pictures). So I'll be right back with pictures.

Okay I lied, I started this post yesterday and still couldn't decide on the pictures so here is some video. Please don't mind the fact that my nails aren't perfectly smooth. I always go to bed before my nails are dry so I end up with those dumb sheet imprints.

Even in the video it is hard to see but this polish goes to a sandy metallic light tan to a pinkish color. Finally here are the few pics that may show the transition of color a little.

CQ Cosmic Plum CQ Cosmic Plum

The change is more evident in real life of course but you can see the subtle change from the light tan to soft pink. I had a hard time capturing the deeper pink in the photo.

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