Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It has been so long since I have given blood I am ashamed of myself. One of the threads of a forum I frequent asked members what their blood type is. Everyone chimed in about their blood types and genetics and as I was reading I began to feel really guilty. I used to donate blood once or twice a year at least when I was much younger. There is no excuse I can give for why I stopped so I won't even make one. Their is no excuse for a healthy person with the ability to give blood not to give blood.

After reading through the thread I promptly got on the American Red Cross website to find where I could donate. It is as easy as putting in your zipcode and a list of blood drives in your area come up. For most of them you can make your appointment right online!! My gym is having a blood drive in a few weeks so I scheduled my appointment.

I am excited to start getting back to the old me(that is another story) and giving blood was always something that made me feel like I was helping someone else. If you can give blood please do.

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