Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Claire's Mixables- The Joker Is On Me

I am not going to call this polish a fail at all since I think my bottle was just a fail. I puchased this bottle of Claire's Mixables Joker during the dollar days event so it was inventory they were trying to get rid of and when I saw it I thought interesting concept. When I looked at the bottle I thought there were supposed to be swirls of colored polish throughout the bottle but it was really supposed to be layers of colors. I guess someone did not take head to the DO NOT SHAKE sticker on the cap and gave it a good shake.

So here is my bottle:

Claire's Mixables Joker

and if you were like me and didn't know, here is a bottle of what it is supposed to look like. A layering of a fuschia, black, and light aqua color. No biggie though, I forged on and decided to see what would come about with this.

Claire's Mixables JokerClaire's Mixables Joker
Layer 1 definitely looked purple but was very streaky and dried to an almost matte finish. Layer nails or at least a very very very dark purple. There was no sunlight but even with a flash I didn't see to many hints of purple. I did end up slapping on a 3rd coat for good measure though.

Here is where it gets fun. GLITTER. While I was not going to walk around with black nails I added some bling to them. Glitter makes everything better right. YES!!!
Claire's Mixables JokerClaire's Mixables Joker

Of course I couldn't stop at one layer, so the final product was 3 layers of Claire's Joker and 2 layers of the NK Gold glitter. TA DAAAAAAA!!

Claire's Mixables Joker

I think I saved this mani. What do you think? Have you ever had a mani go terribly wrong and done something to make it great?

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