Friday, May 7, 2010

Polish Tote

I grabbed these little totes at Walmart with no particular purpose in mind. You know how you know you will find something to use things for even if you don't know right at the moment and since it is a good buy you go ahead and get it (I know this is a run-on sentence but I write how I think sometimes and well, sorry). These little tote baskests come as a pair and were only $1 for the both. They did sit in the corner for a while and then one day when I had to carry all my new nail polish purchases down to the basement where I keep the rest of my stash this was perfect.
Nail Tote
Now whenever I don't want to be stuck in the basement doing my nails I just throw the polishes and tools I need in here and go sit wherever. Just now I threw in a couple polishes, top coat, drying drops, nail file, toe separators, a yogurt and spoon, my magazine, and my cell phone and headed up to my bedroom to veg out. One trip. As I was heading up my daughter said, "You love that thing don't you!" I could only smile. The little things that make life easier are just great.

Do you always do your nails in the same place or do you have polish in multiple rooms? What do you tote your polish around in?

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  1. I always do mine at my computer desk! lol. I keep mine in a makeup bag but I need something bigger now because its about to overflow!!!