Monday, May 17, 2010

Claire's Mixables Ocean Breeze

Another Mixable mishap but it is all good, I still like the color. When I say mishap I simply mean the bottle I got seemed to be shaken a little to much so the layering effect is more of a swirled effect. This is the 2nd bottle of Claire's that I got like this. Anyhow Ocean Breeze is a baby blue with a bit more lavender than the picture shows. Three coats got rid of most of the streakiness.

Claire's Ocean Breeze

It still looked pretty chalky and matte so I knew I wouldn't be wearing this alone. You know my theory, GLITTER MAKES IT ALL BETTER!! This had been proven true once again. Enter Wet N Wild Psycho. A clear polish with iridescent glitter.

Wet N Wild Psycho

Two coats of Psycho gave just enough glitter for a subtle shimmer.

Claire's Ocean Breeze

I did add a final coat of Seche Vite because I needed my nails to dry quick so I could get out the door. Sorry for the chips and tip wear. I took these pictures after a weekend of washing dishes and holding babies :-)


  1. Isn't that funny how both our pictures look so different. lol!! I need a new camera because I'm have a hard time capturing alot of colors.

    You couldn't find a name for your blog. lol!! Pretty cool :)

    If you email she will do a post of all the new blogs and you will get more followers. HTH

    Keep in tough I will add you to my blog roll and i hope you do the same for me :)

  2. Sure thing.. thanks for the info.