Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally Did A Konad Again..

I feel like it has been forever since I have done a Konad. Coming from doing one every 2-3 days to recently seeming like every 2-3 weeks it is my forever. On to eye candy because I know that is what you are waiting for.

Konad S6 5-19-10

For this Konad I used Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen as the basecoat. Using Konad plate s6 and Zoya Ibiza I did a single stamp on each finger. Whoa, what a pain to try and get these centered. My trick for this print was to focus on the line down the middle of the image and try to get that down the middle of my nail. I did my right hand first since I never photo that one. Sad to say my left hand is better than the right hand I am still not totally pleased with the left. You will notice that I tried double stamping my ring finger. That is the longest nail so why not do something a little different.

Konad S6 5-19-10Konad S6 5-19-10

What made me really happy is the checkout lady at the grocery store told me she liked my nails. She went on to ask if I get them done in my area. I let her in that I do them myself.

Don't you love when you get compliments on your nails and people think you had them done by someone else. Made my day!!!


  1. These look great. I love the color combo and the pattern you picked.

  2. Thanks ABOP. I always torment myself choosing a color. The more polish I have the longer it takes. I should just cut my collection in half to make it easier on myself...ummm.....NOT!!