Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ode to Ibiza

Oh, Ibiza, how much I want to love you.  

Can I, or will you betray me. (had some issues with this polish)

Your dark beauty reigns supreme as the sun shines down (beautiful in the sunlight though)

You can't stay with me forever (scared it will stain my nails)

We will find each other when the time is right (gotta figure out what base and top goes best with this)

I will return to you one day (gonna mess with some other colors in the meantime).

So you can gather from my lovely "Ode to Ibiza" that my first impression was less than stellar.  I only say that because this is the only the 2nd Zoya polish I have used and the 1st one (Midori), I had no issues with whatsoever. 

Before I go for the gusto and paint all of my nails in a new color I sample it on 1 or 2 nails.  It went on fine but when I took it off I scrubbed, I think it had stained my nails that quickly.  I scrubbed a little more and was relatively satisfied and told myself I should have used a base coat even for the sample.  I went ahead and put my standard Revlon base coat on and after it dried started painting on my beautiful Ibiza.  Immediate disappointment.  This polish did not glide on smoothly at all.  I know the base coat was dry so I don't know if it was some type of incompatible formulation between the two or what.  I went ahead and painted a few more but knew it wouldn't work.  Off it all came.  I painted a base of Sally Hansen clear Hard As Nails and voilla...all went well.  The polish went on smoothly and everything else was user error.  But, and this is a big but, since this polish is so dark the user errors are glaringly obvious.  My beloved Ibiza will not change so I guess I have to get better.

My next issue was this polish took for freakin' ever to dry.  And me being the impatient person I am tend to get hungry.  Of course opening a can of soup with wet nails is not the most brilliant idea but they should have been dry already.  So there goes one nail.  Then I waited patiently and at some point rested my hands against my shirt or a blanket and had some nice little imprint on a few more nails...errr.  I knew I was going to Konad and decided to not worry about my imprinted nails to much.

Ibiza, we will get along one day!!! Mark my words.