Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At My Fingertips

I don't have a lot of beauty products but by all means it is more than a little bit. My husband would look at me like a was crazy if I set up shop with ALL of my items on our bathroom sink so for the sake of my sanity and his I only keep on my sink a limited number of items that I like to keep at my fingertips. When I say limited, now that I look at the picture, there is a lot but since it is packed into a compact space the amount is irrelevant.

Ahhh...the magnificent jumble of stuff.  Here is what I am stashing in my containers.  Eyeliners, lip liners, shadow base, emery board, hangnail clippers, tweezers, scissors, foundation, mascara, spot treatments, eyelash comb, eyebrow brush, concealer, foundation, makeup brushes, brush cleaner, eye makeup remover, q-tips.  In the back is my Coastal Scents palette (88 colors at my fingertips) and a small mirror.  Two containers with smaller containers in them holds a lot more than you would think.  Not fancy but keeps me organized.  How do you store your items?