Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 3 Down

This week was a tough one for the push ups. I wasn't doing my normal get to the gym and go workout routine so really it was just the push ups at random times. I got all 3 days in though.

Week 3 Stats:
Day 1 12-17-8/5-13-20
Day 2 14-19-14-14-20
Day 3 16-21-15-14-14/4/4

As you can see the last set of Day 3 gave me a heck of a time. Depending on how Day 1 of Week 4 goes I may repeat Week 3. It really just depends. This week was all about gripping dumbbells instead having my hands on the floor. Using the dumbbells makes my wrists feel a lot better but then the palms of my hands hurt. By the time the last set rolled around I had wrapped the sleeves of my sweatshirt around the dumbbells to provide some relief. It did help a lot but that set was really, really hard.

I am proud of myself though. I am going to forge into week 4 being optimistic but may have to take a step back and get a solid set for Week 3. Overall the week wasn't so bad but I felt like I hit a brick wall on the very last set.

Stay tuned because next week will also mark the start of the 200 Squats Challenge!!!