Sunday, December 13, 2009

Konad Experimenters Anonymous

Yes...I need help.  I like to play and experiment with the different Konad prints and colors.  The thing is I stay up super late messing around with it and then I am sleepy, sleepy, sleepy the next day.  But what can you do...keep experimenting right.  So here is my experiment with Zoya Midori.                           


This could get really long so I am just going to give my quick thoughts on each nail from left to right.

1. Zoya Midori all its own being absolutely fabulous.

2. Kleancolor Silver Glitter 27--Added a little bling.  I think I like the silver bling more than the gold with the Midori.  Just by a smidgen though, they both look nice.

3. NK Nail Enamel Sparkling Gold 024-- More bling, gold bling.

4. Kleancolor Black 142- this smudged a little in the middle, not sure if is the fault of the polish or me, probably the latter.  The contrast is nice though.

5. Sally Hansen French Shell Shimmer 1 Naturel White and Kleancolor Black 142-- will try this again with the Konad Special Polish, I was going for a half and half.  I put the white on the plate first and I think it ran some so when I put the black on the other half of the image there was white underneath of it.  The thicker special polish should take care of that issue though.

6.  Kleancolor Red Heart 74-- a little red and green cheetah action, it's so-so I guess, don't love it or hate it.

7.  Kleancolor Black 142-- love it, this print can probably go on any color.

8.  Kleancolor Neon Yellow 18-- this one surprised me the most.  When I initially did it I thought "this sucks, you can't even see the yellow." :-(  The more I looked at it I began to appreciate how subtle the yellow is and the simple contrast it provides.

9. Sally Hansen French Shell Shimmer 1 Naturel White-- no love for this one, I still haven't found the perfect color combo for this design.. not feeling it though.

10. Sally Hansen XTremewear Celeb City 13-- total dud!!! The silver polish I used was way to thin for the delicate lines of this print.  A silver, just not this one, will look really nice with the Midori though.

The top 3 for this experiment go to:

1. The yellow middle finger;

2. The black and white zebra; and

3. The black zebra.

Which ones do you like the best?  If you got this far thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next experiment which I am sure will be sooner rather than later.