Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyone Loves a Deal

I was to excited not to share.  When more money stays in MY pocket it is thrilling.  I don't go out buying things on sale just because they are on sale, I do look for sales and deals on products I actually use.  

Here is the short and skinny of it:

(sorry this image isn't bigger, when I figure out how to make it bigger I will)

Sephora is great about sending out coupons and discount codes so I usually wait for one before I purchase anything from them.  About a week or two ago they sent a $20 off of $35 purchase to those in their VIB program.  Great I thought, let me see if there is anything in my budget that I can apply this to.  After looking on the website a couple of times I didn't see anything I wanted nor anything that was an immediate need (I am stocked on my DDF cleanser and toner).  After hemming and hawing I figured it would be time to replace my Clarisonic brush head in a few months so why not.  At $25 a pop I was still $10 shy of the requirement for the coupon.  Of course I scoured the site for something to make up the difference but to no avail nothing had me excited.  Hey, the replacement brush doesn't expire so why not just get 2 and be done with and get free shipping.  Perfect.

Thanks to a member of  The Purse Forum there was a discount code of 15% for use today (12/13) only.  My lucky day.  An extra $7.50 off.  So far that was a $27.50 discount off of my original $50.00 total.

I always love getting cashback on my credit cards.  The only thing I ever use my cashback for is Sephora eGiftCertificates.  They allow you to trade in $20 for $25 or $40 for $50.  I went for $20 for $25 since that was all I needed.  And shopping through their site gives you an extra 10% cashback to your card.  Not sure how that will pan out with all of the other codes I used  though.

There you have it folks..2 Clarisonic replacement brush heads which is typically $50..all for a whopping total of 5 CENTS!!!!  It doesn't get any better than that.