Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Nails

This weekend was filled with hours of me trying to figure out what red, white, green design I could do on my nails. Ideally I would have liked to do a red nail with little green Konad bows or vice versa but that wasn't happening. I do not have a red and green that provided a nice enough contrast to see the detailing of the bows. I may still do some thing with white bows but am not so sure. Here are two experiments and I am not thrilled with either. Whatever I guess. For now I am tired of inhaling the aroma of polish and remover so maybe later I will think of something I really love.

The first one I did reminds me of Candy Canes. For this one I painted my nails with Kleancolor Red Heart and used the Sally Hansen French Nail Shimmer in Naturel White for the design.The next one I did I wanted to add a little glitter.  I tried gold but the flecks were so tiny it would have taken to many coats to get it right so I went with the silver Kleancolor glitter.  The idea was to have the glitter more concentrated on the tips.  This was the first time I tried to do this and it got kind of thick towards the tips.  Since I do have a silvery polish I thought that putting that on the ends would help the appearance of making the glitter look more concentrated at the tips.  Needless to say it was more goopy mess.  Oh well, it is all about learning so I wasn't upset.  This was the result:

Now I have to try and figure something else out.  I must say I really do like the color of the Kleancolor Red Heart.  For a cheapie polish it seems to work fine for my purposes.