Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kleancolor Nail Polish

A few days ago after a long day at the office I decided to stop by my local beauty supply store to pick up a few things. This is the type of store that sells all sorts of things: wigs, tracks, ponytails and the like; purses, umbrellas, socks; cosmetics and nail polishes...like I said pretty much any and everything. My main purpose for going in was to look for a moisturizer for my daughters hair and get some headbands for them. I walked out with no moisturizer and some headbands but of course I had a few other purchases.

My eyes always light up when I see the displays of a lot of nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, actually anything that is a big collection. I get sucked in by the numerous options and want them all. That wasn't a possibility so I just looked and decided to sample a few nail polishes.

The brand is called Kleancolor. I wasn't familiar with it but at $1.49 a bottle it was worth a try. There were two different types, a rectangular bottle and a round bottle. After getting home it appears the round bottle is the more current product line because I couldn't find any of the rectangular bottles online.

Anyway here is a picture of the two colors I picked. I know what you are thinking...BORING, but let me defend myself. I have a lot of bright colors in my polish collection so I thought I would try colors that were a little less flashy. The color on the left is called Dazzle Me and the neutral is called Twister. I did sample both of them and I am a little torn on these colors.

The Dazzle Me only takes one coat to achieve its true in the bottle color. It seemed a little thick to me but that may just be because I am not used to creme polishes. Despite its thickness the polish went on easily and I did not have to continuously coat my nails. This color looks different in different light so I took multiple pictures outside and indoors and they all look different. For some reason this polish reminds me of paint that you paint the walls with.

The Twister went on easily as well but does require 2 coats. The first coat was to sheer for my liking. The problem with this polish is that I just don't think it is the right color for me. It almost matches my skin tone exactly so it made my fingers look very strange, as if I don't have finger nails almost. I'll let you be the judge.

Kleancolor Twister

I did go ahead and do my manicure this week with the Dazzle Me so I'll come back and update on how well this polish holds up.

Outdoor Light Indoor Light

This is the same bottle of polish, Kleancolor Dazzle Me. The first picture was taken outdoors and the second picture was taken indoors.

All in all for $1.49 it is a polish that I would definitely pick up a few more of. They have a lot of colors and the thickness of some of the cremes may allow a Konad fan to take advantage. Just a thought.