Monday, May 24, 2010

Milani Tricky Treat, I Am Saying Tricky but Maybe Treat

This polish has me sitting on both sides of the fence. First off the color isn't one that I would usually wear. It seemed a little dull initially but the more I looked at it I could appreciate the metallic look. What exactly this color is I was hoping maybe one of my readers could help me out. The bottle looks like a shimmer tan/gray/hint of rose mix. Told ya, I need some help here. On the nail some mix between gray and tan. That sounds odd but I ended up liking it. There is the "treat".

Milani Tricky Treat
The "tricky" was the application of this polish. Probably one of strangest applications and formulations I have dealt with. First off the brush is thin with not a lot of spread so it took at least 3 strokes to cover most of my nails and then another half a stroke. Thumbs down to that. Then, on top of that, while the polish seems normal in the bottle it applies like an old, thick, goopy polish. CONFUSING. I battled to get a halfway decent (indudge me please) mani out of this. Two coats is sufficient if you can manage to get it all perfect in 2 coats. I surely didn't. Maybe some Konading is in order.

Milani Tricky Treat
This is the second Milani Polish I have used. The first one, Garnet Gems, gave me no issues at all so I won't form an opinion on the overall brand just yet. There are still a few more Milani's in my untried stash that I am willing to give a shot.