Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vampy...say what?- Milani Garnet Gems

Yes another nail polish post inspired by the ladies at The Purse Forum. You may remember about two weeks ago it was "blue week" and everyone got to show off their blue nails (see what I did). Then they had a nudes or what was called "Mannequin Hands" which was originally done by polish blogger Michelle at All Lacquered Up I think.

This week was vampy nails. Ummmm, huh, what? Clueless as to what the heck vampy meant (yeah, every now and then I miss the boat on some things) I had a little googling to do. So someone post a comment if I am wrong and correct me but vampy nails is just dark deep colored polishes, but not black. If it isn't then, oh well, I still like the color I used.

I had no intention of doing a vampy look since I have nothing I considered vampy. Interestingly enough I went to CVS and a good number of Milani shades were 75% off. I grabbed a couple without even thinking of vampy and once I swatched them I thought this one may work.

Milani Garnet Gems

So you tell this vampy? Or did I completely miss the concept? Honesty is appreciated.

This is Milani Garnet Gems. Even if it is not considered vampy I love this color. Very dark with subtle red flecks of glitter. It is not what I expected it to look like but I was pleasently surprised. On top of it all this bottle of polish was less than $1.12.

It will take at least 2 coats but I went with 3 for a nice deep color with a decent amount of glitter. I know I should have put a base coat on but I thought I was just swatching and taking it back off. Loved the color and it was vampy so I proceeded full steam ahead. After 2 days there was a little tip wear but I was lazy and hadn't done a top coat. Once I touched up the tips and put on a top coat it was perfection. Vampy or not, I am pretty happy with this polish. Can't beat the price either.

Milani Garnet Gems

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