Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of the Best Things I Have Ever Done..

I was at a crossroads. Turning 30, you know that point where your body typically goes one way or the other. My body was going the other way and not the good other way. I was the gym's best client, the one that sends in a monthly donation right on time but doesn't ever come. When I looked in the mirror I was not happy with what I saw. Where did my body go? I had put on weight slowly over the course of time but now it was becoming very noticeable to me.

After deciding to leave my job and work from home my schedule was more flexible so it was time to take action and wipe the dust off the gym membership. Going to the gym on a semi regular basis wasn't doing the trick either so my husband suggested I talk to a one of the trainers.


90 Second Fitness the vook by Vook tv, on Flickr
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I signed up with a trainer and I will say he whipped me into shape. It was hard initially but the results were amazing. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I had a standing appointment to do one hour of things I really did not want to do. He pushed me to do things I didn't ever realize I was capable of doing. Box jumps with 14 risers, squats with lots of weight on the barbell, leg presses to make some men question their strength.

If you find that you are running in circles and not achieving the results you want I would urge you to get a trainer. A good one will help you reach your goals. The beauty of it is you can buy 1 session, 30 sessions, or whatever. Get what you need to get motivated again, learn some more tricks to help achieve your goals, and get the push to go at it on your own again.

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