Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photography 001

HELP. It is me against my camera. I don't even think I am ready for a 101 level photography class. Sign me up for the -101 level. Ugh!! Point and Shoot is really all I want to do to have amazing pictures like the professionals. If it were that easy then I guess a lot of professionals would be out of business. I really do need to learn how to use my camera much better. Some pictures are blurry, some the color is way off, and some are just not even like a picture.

I pulled out the manual and almost had a panic attack. So many options and settings. I will try to master a few of the basic concepts. What I am trying to learn is not specific to my camera but basic photography that should transcend across any camera being used.

I did learn how to use macro so I need to figure out ISO, F something or another, white balance and a few other things. I'll be reading up, testing shots and maybe uploading a few images so everyone can learn with me.

Or maybe I am the only photography challenged person out there!!

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