Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deep Conditioning JOICO K-PAK MOISTURE

Finding the right hair care regimen has been a daunting task.  I have found items that I like but nothing I LOVE that makes me really feel like me hair is in its best condition.  My hair is chemically treated (relaxer) and dry.  I have to add oil to my hair to prevent excessive dryness and breakage.  My last trip to the hairdresser my stylist told me I need to really do better with deep conditioning my hair.  After asking her what product to use she told me to take a look at the items they sell there.  Of course...but of course I wasn't buying it there because I am sure they jack the prices up some.  Many products lined the shelves.  Design Essentials, Mizani, Joico.  Ugh, where do I begin.

I have heard of Joico before so after perusing the website and what was at the the stores near me I decided on the Joico K-Pak Moisture.  The 8.5 oz tube it comes in describes it as a Intense Hydrator, treatment for dry, damaged hair.  Great, just what I need.  But it seems like every product in their line was just what I needed.  Gotta start somewhere though.

After doing my standard wash and condition routine I put a little of the K-Pak in my hand, rubbed together, and ran through my hair.  When I say a little I do mean a little because I wasn't sure how much I needed and at $18 a tube, well, none was going to hit the shower floor.  It took a few more "little-bits" to get an amount in my hair satisfactory to me but overall it didn't take a lot.  The smell is fine, nothing too overpowering and a decent enough scent for a hair product.   I did notice it helped detangle my hair.  I typically detangle with my regular conditioner anyway but I did notice this did even more detangling.  

Once I blow dried my hair my hair did feel different.  Softer and smoother than it usually does.  I am going to use this product each time  I wash my hair and see if my hair dresser notices next time I go in.  Hopefully my hair will be healthier.

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