Friday, January 1, 2010

Cell Phone Fun- The Today Screen.

So yes, I like to mess around with my cell phone.  Add themes, change the home screen install applications and all of that jazz.  My current cell phone is an AT&T Tilt.  It is not the latest and greatest however I am not ready to drop $$$ on a new cell phone when the one I have functions above and beyond what I need.  This phone will be with me until it totally dies.

One of the most fun things to me is messing around with the Today Screen.  My today screen is pretty much a glance of everything I need to know and access in one touch.  Or that is what I try to make it which means I have gone through several versions of today screens.

Here is the one that I have had the longest probably.

As you can see it consists of the date, time, a calendar, weather, a web search, appointments, and a shortcut bar.  All of these items are available on the Internet for download and also customizable to some degree. I will give credit to FoneJunkie at the XDA-Developer Forum.  This screen is a copy of the screen he shared.  For details on what each item is click here.

A few days ago I installed SPB Mobile Shell so I have a feeling my screen will be changing.  I have toyed around with a few possibilities but haven't gotten it exactly where I want it yet.  I'll be sure to share once I do. 

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