Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yea For Me..Another Deal

Yes, we all love a deal but the best part about getting a great deal is letting other people know you got a great deal. After dropping my daughter off at soccer I thought I would stop in some of the local drugstores and see what was on sale. I typically only buy drugstore items if they are on sale. With about 5 stores within a 3 mile radius chances are I will find what I am looking for on sale somewhere.
Look what I got:

The Whole Shebang

My first stop was Big Lots. I don't go in there often but I do peek in every so often to see if they have anything I may be interested in. I have gotten a few makeup brushes in there for cheap that turned out to be pretty decent for my amatuer purposes. I am not sure where Big Lots gets its stock but it usually looks like items that there is a small defect in. For instance I picked up these Revlon polishes for $1 each. At the local Walmart and other stores the price range is $2.50-$5.00 for a bottle. I picked these to colors Rose Zing and Twinkled Pink because 1 they were packaged together as a twosome but also because I have the Revlon KhakiZing and was hoping this RoseZing would produce a duochrome result as well. I also got some little toe things for my pedicures and a cuticle tool.

Big Lots BuysBIG LOTS TOTAL = $4.70

Next up was the Dollar Store right next to Big Lots. They had a bunch of LA Colors Polishes which I have not tried nor read reviews on but what caught my eye was the Art Deco Nail Art pens. I don't have anything like this and for $1 a pop they will either suck and I won't be to mad or be halfway decent. With several colors to choose from I opted for the black, white, and silver glitter.

Dollar Store Buys

The CVS near me has been completely redone on the inside. There is a nice Orly nailpolish section and it seems like they are trying to make CVS a little more upscale if that is possible. They had some new Sally Hansen Xtremewear colors but they weren't on sale. I'll wait for the BOGO (buy 1, get 1 free). Then there it was a 75% off sign on the Milani display. Not everything was 75% off but a good selection of polishes, shadows, glosses, bronzers, lipsticks were. I promised myself no more lip gloss and shadow until I finished what I have so that was out of the question. Since I was really on the hunt for polish anyway why not give a few of these a shot. Retail price for Milani polish is $4.49 at CVS so 75% off so at $1.12 per bottle it was another no lose situation. I scored 4 polishes. The Rimmel display also had 75% off but for some reason CVS does not carry their polishes. I did pick up 3 lipglosses for my daughter though. I don't remember the exact price I paid I want to say $1.57.

CVS Buys
CVS TOTAL= $9.19

So let me just recap this. I got a total of 6 nail polishes, 3 lipglosses, 3 nail art pens, 3 lip glosses, cuticle thinand pedicure toe things for somewhere around $17.00. Sounds like a deal to me.
Totally, forgot 2 NYC nailpolishes in Walmart for $1.72 each so that puts me a little of $20.00 for all the nailpolishes and the other stuff. WOO HOOOO I am happy. And I have already tried a few of the polishes and LOVE them!!!

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