Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football Fanatic Household

I'll be honest my like for football only stems from my husbands passion for the game. I know a little but he has managed to pass on this love to our youngest daughter. It is great bonding time for them but pretty much leaves me and my other daughter out. We have managed to find joy in watching them be fanatics more than the football itself.

When my daughter asked me to paint her nails football colors I thought it was pretty cute. She told me what she wanted and this is what it came out to be. She still wants me to attempt to write SUPERBOWL on her nails but I am hesitant thinking I will make a mess. If I decide to take a stab at it I will post pics...good or bad :-)

Here is her tribute to the teams she wants to make to the Superbowl.

Football Nails



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