Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Worst Nightmare..Part 2

This unbelievable. Right when I am making progress, scanning away, getting all of this paper out of my life guess what happens. I am sure you can guess...my scanner(actually a multifunction scanner/copier/printer/fax) dies. This thing jut will not power on anymore. What has me really irked is there were no signs of distress.  Sometimes I can tell when I should start prepping myself to by a new printer, monitor, whatever it is. This nothing. My daughter copied something earlier there was a paper jam which was cleared and all was fine.  A few hours later I hear the sound your computer makes when something is connected via USB. I really didn't pay it any mind until I noticed the blinking alarm light on the scanner. It wouldn't go away so I powered it down and the poor thing never powered back up. We have had it for about 3 years so I guess it may be about time for a new one..who knows.

Bye bye Canon MP780. You were great. I never had any issues (until you stopped working when I needed you the most). Well actually that is a major issue, you should have warned me you were about to go kaput!!

At my office (I am currently self-employed) we have a printer/copier/scanner that is not in use. No fax but I have an e-fax number for incoming and can either scan and email or scan and fax from my computer. My husband suggested to use that one. Great no need to spend money.He just brought it home and guess what again...there is no way on earth I will be able to use this thing. My major need is for scanning right now. This is a Photo printer..not so much for document scanning but scanning of photos it appears. No Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). I am used to taking a stack of 30 or so sheets of paper..loading it in the ADF and scanning it all at once, no more need for me to touch anything. With this I would have to open, put paper in, close, and scan for each sheet of paper. It is not happening. The time vs. money trade-off is just not there for the amount of scanning I need to do.

With that being said there is another multifunction at the office that I will suggest should be bestowed upon me. This is a newer model of my beloved Canon and has wireless networking. All I need to do is set up one of the PC's to receive incoming faxes and for outgoing faxes, hey, they can scan and email or scan and fax from the PC, that is what I would have had to do.

Either way this Photo printer is not going to cut it so we can either swap..or spend the money for a new one.

*UPDATE*-1/14/10- I did get the one from the office on Wednesday.  I was so happy I did a few hours of "virtual filing" last night.  Will try to do another hour tonight. Woo hoo! PROGRESS!

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