Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Plates...Testing 1-2-3

A few new Konad plates came in the mail on Friday. I typically play around with them to see what the prints look like before putting them in my stash of plates for later use on a "real" manicure. The plates I picked up were the M36, M44, M60, S6. The M36 is a variety of flowers and a butterfly stamp. The M44 is french tips with designs. The majority of the stamps on the M60 and S06 are large or full nail designs.

With a quick coat of Sally Hansen XTremewear Blue Me Away! I was ready to test the M44.

Konad M44

This plate is not easy to use. It will take some a little more effort when trying to get the alignment correct. Not only the alignment but placing the stamp correctly so you get a uniform thickness across all of the nails. The picture displays all but one of the stamps on the plate.

The next plate I decided to experiment with was the M60. I have always adored the argyle design and have wanted this plate for some time now. After swatching a number of my burgundy and brown polishes I got to the actually stamping.

Konad M60

Again alignment is key. I actually like the colors used for the argyle print, all of the other ones I will opt for a different color selection but since this was just swatching and testing no worries.

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