Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Stars

The blue heavens have opened up. With a little push from some gals on The Purse Forum my nails are blue. The first week of January was declared blue week for your nails. With several blues on tap I did a sampling to see which one I wanted to use. Since I have used all of the other ones before I went with the Nina Ultra Pro in Babi Blue which I have not used.

Blue Sampling 01-04-10 
Nina Ultra Pro Babi Blue

I will tell you this color is pretty but it took absolutely too many coats to get it to the color seen in the picture above. Even after the 6th or 7th coat I felt like I needed at least another 5-6 coats. This obviously wasn't what I expected from this polish. Since I was disappointed I thought maybe a little Konad would cheer me up.


Konad M3 01-05-10 
 Konad M3 01-05-10

This was a lot more tedious than I intended it to be but I do like the outcome.  Stars with random placement on then nail.  Using the M3 Konad plate I stamped each nail 2-4 times to get lots of stars.  Perfect placement didn't matter on this one I just wanted lots of stars!!

So even though I was a little blue with the initial turnout I was seeing stars by the time I finished!!

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