Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've Got Pizzaz

Yes this another post about my manicure but cut me some slack because I am doubling up and putting the mani and Konad in one post.  After taking the blue off my nails I went to one of my new colors that I hadn't tried yet.  The lovely, Nina Ultra Pro Purple Pizzaz.  I was a bit hesitant to use another Nina Ultra Pro polish because the Babi Blue took way to many coats for my liking (translated, my time).  I really wanted to do purple though so I went ahead and hoped for the best.  This is a polish I will definitely use again.  No complaints at all.  Two coats was all I needed thank goodness.

Nina Ultra Pro Purple Pizzaz  
Isn't it it a pretty color.  This brand is on sale at Sally's Beauty Supply for the month of January.  It was $3.29, I am not sure what the regular price is.  This stayed on my nails for a few days and then I decided to get the Konad out.  It takes me too long to decide what I am going to do so I decided to use a print I haven't used before.  That lead me to the M65 plate.  The next decision to be made was what color design.  I don't have any light purple polishes, I though white would be to much of a contrast and thought that black would be too dark sooo I used the Konad Silver Princess Polish.  And here are the results:

Konad M65 01-12-10
Konad M65 01-12-10 
I will say this design was eaiser to use than I thought it would be. I like the full nail designs but did notice that since my nails have grown a bit the alignment is crucial. Now I understand why so many people have french tips with the full nail designs.

On a side note: this polish really makes me crave grape soda!!!


  1. This is so stunning!!! I want to superimpose it all onto my nails. Great design, fabulous color combos, and perfect application :D