Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heartfelt Condolences

I used to watch the news everyday but I stopped. It
got to depressing. Especially when there was a story about a child. For
some reason I think these things affect me more than most. I will go online
and read every article and if there is an obituary and/or guest book I
will read and follow that. Of course I always say some prayers for the
families as well.

While taking my daughter to soccer the other day her and
her teammate were talking about a little boy who was killed at the nature
center about 45 minutes away where they have a lot of camps and outdoor
school. Since I don't watch the news I had heard nothing about it so once
I dropped them off I hurried back home to my computer to find out more.
Unfortunately what they were saying was true.

The little boy, 9 years old, was attending a Christmas break
nature camp. Apparently as the group of kids was preparing to go on a
hike a 60 foot tree fell onto the young boy and another camper as well.
The other camper, a little girl, was injured as well but not as seriously.
The little boy died a few days after being injured.

This story tugs at my heart in so many ways. Of course you
always question why a child is taken but there are some things that we
will never know. I then think about the parents of this child. The terrible
heartache of losing a child in such way. Nine times out of ten the camp
is set up so that children can go while there parents are back to work
after the holidays. If that is the case surely the what-ifs and I-should-haves
are running rampant through the parents minds. There is also the impact
that this had on the people there to witness the tragic accident. Their
lives are changed forever as well.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to the parents of this
child and will pray that they will somehow find some peace in their hearts.
Cherish your parents, cherish your children, all day, everyday.

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