Saturday, January 30, 2010

Water Marbling FTW

I can see myself attempting to to do this a lot more I love it. It is an unique piece of artwork on each nail. Can you feel my excitement. I'll just post the pictures and get on with the rambling afterwords. I do tend to ramble.

MY FIRST (actually first through tenth) WATER MARBLING ATTEMPT

Water Marbling 01-29-10Water Marbling 01-29-10
Water Marbling 01-29-10Water Marbling 01-29-10

Can I ramble now. I had fun doing this. It wasn't hard, not easy but not hard. I would say watch a few YouTube videos and give it a whirl.


  • USE VASELINE on the skin around your nails and all up and down your fingers. It makes wiping the film off so much easier.
  • WATER TEMPERATURE is crucial. To warm or to cold will make the polish dry to quickly on the water and you won't be able to marble properly. I had the perfect temperature stopped to watch a movie and came back using the same water. It was to cold and the polish dried to quickly on the water surface making it impossible to marble.
  • FLAT TOOTHPICKS worked better for me than round. I wasn't sure which to get so I bought both. When marbling I found that the flat toothpick cut through the polish better. It also helped scrape excess polish off of the skin easier than the round.

I am soooo doing this again.

Oh and for this I had on:
Orly Green With Envy painted on all of my nail as base.
Sally Hansen Cherry Red used to marble.
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow used to marble.
Kleancolor Black used to marble.

I know you don't see red or yellow but because the of the base coat I used they show up purple and light green. My daughter said it looks like a peacock!! FABULOUS!!!

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