Monday, January 18, 2010

Spirit of the Times AKA Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is my new love. The funny thing is I picked up this polish by Rimmel 1-2 years ago and have used it a few times. It has been sitting in my stash unloved. Now that I have revisited my more feminine side with polish changes once or twice a week it is time to love this beauty the way it should be. I can truely say it was underappreciated the few times I did wear it but now, WOWZWERS, nothing but love and appreciation. This is a duochrome stunner. My lack of knowledge of the colorwheel can only describe it as a purple that mutates to a copper and olive green. Great description right. Sorry, I am still learning. How about I do you a few better and post the pictures as well as a little video.

Rimmel ZeitgeistRimmel Zeitgeist

I will warn you however this polish chips so be sure to apply a top coat to keep it protected. I applied 2 coats of Zeitgeist which yielded nice coverage and because I was lazy did not apply a top coat. Chips and more chips less than 24 hours later and I don't think I was particulary hard on my nails that day. Just consider yourself warned that is the only downfall that I have found with this polish.

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