Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nail Polish Haul

I don't know how I all of a sudden got addicted to nail polish but goodness these colors are just calling me and I can't seem to get enough of them. Today I went out on a specific nail polish mission. Since there is no Sally's near me, actually it is not THAT far, I waited until Saturday to go to Sally's and see what China Glaze they had. I was also hoping to find OPI Merry Midnight but didn't know Sally's doesn't carry OPI.  Other than that color right now I am set on blues. I was overwhelmed looking at all of the colors and ended up with 3 polishes (only 1 blue), a top coat, and some nail polish remover.

Sally's Haul 01-02-10
From left to right there is Beauty Secrets Top Coat, Nina Ultra Pro Purple Pizzaz, Nina Ultra Pro Babi Blue, and Orly Green With Envy. I also picked up a bottle of Beauty Secrets Acetone Nail Polish Remover. The removers I have seem to take to much scrubbing so I'll see how this one works out.

After Sally's I headed to the local beauty supply store.  The kind that sells every type of track, phony pony, wig, dye, hair glue, rollers, shampoo, socks, knock off purses, earrings, and of course my favorite NYX products and nail polish.  After 10 minutes of decision making I left with 5 pretty polishes.

Kleancolor Haul 01-02-10
From left to right there is Pearl Blue, Malibu, Neon Hot Pink, Blue Pearl, and Purple. (I just noticed I picked up a Pearl Blue and a Blue Pearl, hmmmm...interesting, totally different colors.) 

With 8 new polishes I think that I am good for a month or 2...not making any promises though. Check back for swatches and pictures of manicures with these fabulous colors.

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